Video Production Agency
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Help Develop Content Strategy as an Ideation Phase Partner

Artistic, Story Driven, Cut through the noise approach



Employ ‘Agile’ techniques to create a Content Library

Efficient production days: Combining high-end techniques

with a nimble documentary approach

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Partner with you to analyze R.O.I, conversion rate, clickthroughs

and A/B testing

Re-invest data for future content

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Husband and wife Owners who believe in PeopleThe end product is not our only focus. We want to enrich the lives of those around us with a Love & respect for team members and clients. We support the local community talent and strive to fill our production needs with the very best Michigan offers. We want to be Salt of the earth.

Whenever possible we rent local gear and hire local talent.

We moved to West Michigan 13 years ago and knew this was an amazing place filled with great people to live and work! Jenna produces, AD’s, and manages the operational side of SALT. She has worked in the industry alongside her husband for 8 years. Sloan is an award winning Director/ DP, working on commercials and narrative. His work has taken him world wide.

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